"Envision that fresh pair of raw denim that you just bought…that brand-new pair that's saturated with ink, that somehow slips into your washing machine with the rest of your wardrobe and the moment you pull out the rest of your clothes, you realize everything's tie-dyed, splashed with all sorts of colors, unlike anything you've ever imagined. And all you can say is... Damn! My whole musical wardrobe just got an upgrade!"

Whether it's organic acoustic-based records or the car-rattling low-end of rap records shaking the dance floor, Bleeding Denim is all about taking an existing artist's sound to new creative heights and tailor-making music to propel them to the next level in their career.

By incorporating elements from different genres into an artist's pre-existing sound, Bleeding Denim helps maximize their crossover potential. "We mix and blend genres together because it allows our clients to gain a wider audience, expanding their global reach."